Scabs on Scalp Treatment

Scabs on scalp can be a very difficult area to deal with. Besides the discomfort of itchiness, dandruff like flakes, or some other forms of inflammations, what is perhaps the worse fear is of hair loss. Scabs, psoriasis, or eczema over any area of the body usually scratching or applying lotion can alleviate the irritation or pain, even to the scabs on scalp. However since the affected area of the scabs on scalp is in a region where there is hair, over scratching can damage the hair follicles as well as swelling on the skin surface.

Use Of Coal Tar Shampoos To Treat Scabs On Scalp

Even with such difficulties, scabs on scalp can still be treated. What is perhaps the most common way to deal with this is the usage of shampoo. One cannot use just any regular shampoo however. Regular shampoo usually contains added chemicals to enhance the coloring or a type of fragrance. These added substances can make the scabs on scalp worse as well as to many other skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema. However they may also have helpful ingredients also. Shampoos which contains aloe or shea cocoa butter are especially comforting for the skin and helps. These products should be used as much as possible.

scabs on scalp treatment coal tar shampoosBesides these regular shampoos, there are also specialized shampoos to be used for scabs on scalp or psoriasis. These particular shampoos are quite effective in dealing with these tyeps of skin conditions plus they are quite simple to apply usage.

Coal tar shampoos is one of the most popular ways to treat scabs on scalp. The tar is a heavy and dark liquid created by wood or coal burning. The key with this treatment is on how to correctly use coal tar shampoos. Apply the coal tar shampoo on the head and lather it up. After that, let the shampoo sit in your head before rinsing, approximately ten to fifteen minutes. Once enough time has passed, completely clean it off from your head.

The main downside on using coal tar shampoos is the smell. This is probably the biggest complaint from people that use coal tar shampoos, the extremely smelly odor. Still since it is really an effecient method for scabs on scalp one has to make a choice of which matters more, scabs or smell.  To combat the smell, simply do a quick re-shampoo on the hair with a more fragrant shampoo or conditioner.

Coal tar shampoos can be found in many store over the counter. Many pharmaceutical store should carry a brand. If cannot be found in store, then it can be bought online. For sure it can be found on Amazon. They are fairly affordable and comes in different varieties with different strengths. Generally, they are contain two to five percent coal tar.

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Please be careful when using coal tar shampoos or any special shampoos for scabs on scalp or psoriasis. It should not replace your normal shampoo for daily usage. Only use when treatment for scabs on scalp is needed. Coal tar is effective and works because it slows down the development of skin cells. This blocking of new skin cells helps lowers down amount of scaling and make the skin smoother.

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